Yoga & Thai Massage in Lisbon

Welcome to Yohemi,

Welcome Home. My name is Martina and I work as a yoga teacher and Thai yoga massage therapist. I offer Hatha yoga, Womb yoga and Thai yoga massage treatments in Lisbon. I also facilitate women’s circles.

My vision is to offer space and practices that make everyone feel at home, space where you can simply drop off all the layers, relax and feel in touch with your true nature.

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Special events

Moon Sisters – Sacred Women’s Circle

19th April at 20h15 – 21h45 at Little Yoga Space

The Moon Sisters circle is a sacred space where women are honored and celebrated, a place where you are invited to relax into who you are, drop into your body and heart instead of your thinking mind, connect to your feminine receptive nature and feel nourished and supported by other women. It’s a birthing circle, a place to connect with like-minded women, where you will explore the feminine in a trusting, sacred space. Your inner Feminine feels how things are so that your inner Masculine can know what to do.

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Sacred Yoni Temple Workshop

4th May at 18h – 21h at Little Yoga Space

Yoni is the sacred temple of your feminine body. In tantra and taoism it is referred to as a cosmic gate where everything is born from. As the most feminine part of your body she is very receptive and sensitive, holding a lot of inner wisdom, mystery and power. This workshop is an invitation for all women to establish a deeper connection with the feminine. You will connect to your yoni, listen to her, sing with her, explore every single part of her, honor and worship her and tap into her wisdom and power.

Yoni Egg Intro Workshop

19th May at 18h00 – 21h00 at Little Yoga Space

Yoni Egg is an amazing tool that can help you to gain more awareness and sensitivity in your yoni, awakening more pleasure in your body but also in your life. Yoni is a magical, profound place to access deep feminine wisdom and power.  In this workshop you will use your breath, movement and presence to connect to different parts of your yoni, strengthen her muscles as well as find some softness in the tissues where you might hold physical or emotional tensions to restore the natural balance and unlock her full potential and power.

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