Private Classes

Would you like to have a more personal approach and develop your own personal yoga practice? I offer private classes that are cut to your personal needs depending on what you want to achieve in your practice. These classes are focused entirely on YOU.

Maybe you have a busy stressful lifestyle and need a practice that is relaxing. Or you just simply want to increase your flexibility or build core strength. Maybe you are a beginner and don’t feel so confident to go to a public class and want to learn basics that get you started. Whatever it might be that you’d like to get out of your yoga practice I might help you to get there.

Private classes can be either done at the comfort of your own home or one of the studios where I work. There is also a possibility to do a private class for a small group of people (ideally 2-3 people). Please get in touch to discuss what your needs are and how I can guide you in your yoga practice.


1 class – 40€

A pack of 5 classes – 150€

A pack of 10 classes – 250€