Womb Yoga

What is Womb Yoga?

Womb is a sacred space in the feminine body holding our vital and creative energy. She ebbs and flows like our oceans, wax and wanes like our moon, changes like our seasons. Womb is also a space where we store a lot of unwanted emotions and memories that we are not able to deal with which creates blockages and limits our vital and creative energies.

Womb yoga offers a lot of practices to reconnect women to their natural rhythms, bringing more flow and vitality, renewing creative energies. When energy flows freely in our wombs we can create from the place of fullness, manifesting our deepest desires, accessing our intuitive wisdom.

Womb yoga supports women through their menstrual life including menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postnatal recovery, peri-menopause and menopause. Womb yoga makes us feel at home in our feminine bodies teaching us to respect and honor our natural rhythms and wisdom of our bodies.

Practices include:

  • Flowing postures to restore energy flow in our bodies
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Mudras that connect us to different aspects of our beings
  • Bandhas (energy locks) that direct energy within our bodies
  • Yoga nidra (deep relaxation) that put us in deep rest and nourish us from within
  • Meditations to connect deeply to our wombs and pelvic area

Womb yoga is truly empowering for all women who wish to reconnect with their deep essence and wisdom within.

When and where?

Every Wednesday at 20.00 at Little yoga space



Special Events & Courses

6-week Women’s Yoga Course

9th November – 14th December 17h00 – 18h30 at Little Yoga Space

“If you have ever felt that what you are looking for is a yoga that respects and honors you as the woman you are in this very moment then this yoga is for you – Welcome home to yourself.” – Uma Dinsmore Tuli, the founder of Womb yoga
This is an invitation for all women who long to reconnect to their deep feminine wisdom, inner knowing within their hearts and wombs. We will explore our menstrual cycles, tap into our blood wisdom and learn to honor and respect our own unique rhythms. All these practices invite us to come back home to ourselves and make us feel nourished and connected to the source within.
We will learn:
– How to keep a track of our cycle and tap into natural powers of each phase of our cycle
– 4 phases of our cycle and how they correspond to moon phases, 4 seasons (inner winter, spring, summer and autumn) and 4 archetypes (Hag, Virgin, Mother, Enchantress)
– Natural powers, gifts and challenges of each phase and how we can use them to be more in touch with our unique selves
– Yoga practices that support us in each phase of our cycle and bring us in a deeper connection with each phase
Every session will include learning about distinct phases of our cycle, sharing our own experience, deepening our understanding of our cyclical nature through yoga practices that support and nurture us from within. We use practices that connect us to our womb and heart with love and respect, honoring the life force deep within.
Yoga practice is soft and gentle encouraging us to bring our focus within. We will use flowing, rhythmic movements to free and unblock stuck energy, bring vitality and flow of our life force, breath work, pelvic muscle work, meditation and yoga nidra practice. We tap into our creativity and sexuality. We will learn that our inner cycles are very deeply connected to all the cycles in natural world around us.
My vision is to bring a group of women together who support each other and take this journey together to deepen their understanding and experience of this work.
The course is starting on Friday 9th November and continues for 6 weeks until 14th December.
Early bird until 1st November 60€
After 1st November 75 €
For more info and booking Contact Me