Women’s Circle

What is it?

The circle is a sacred space where we gather every month with other women to empower and nourish each other. It is a place where we can relax into wholeness and feel how our gifts want to be expressed in the world. It’s a birthing circle, a place to connect with like-minded women, where we can take responsibility for the care of ourselves and the Earth in community. Simply put, it is a nurturing, safe space to explore our in-breath and out-breath – our balance of being (our inner Feminine) and doing (our inner Masculine). Our inner Feminine feels how things are so that our inner Masculine can know what to do.

I invite you to come to the circle as if you were walking into a sacred, beautiful temple. Worship the other women as representatives of the divine, recognizing their deepest gifts and most radiant self. The sacred element of our gathering is absolutely key. As we hold our circles and ourselves in reverence, we move away from the old trappings of jealousy, comparison, competition and insecurities; instead cultivating and strengthening our connection to the sacred in each of us, our true essence, our deeply feminine nature that we can learn to trust in ourselves, each other and our essential instinctive natures again.

We gather in the circle to share, celebrate, pray, worship, enjoy, play and express our deeper longings and love. Practices include verbal sharing, dance, songs, deep female inquiring, yoga practices, meditation, visualization etc. If you are curious, longing for connection and support from other women and want to explore the feminine in a trusting, sacred space where women are honored & celebrated, please join us. All women welcome ❤


Every month around New Moon

Upcoming dates:

Friday 19th April – 20h15 – 21h45
Sunday 5th May – 19h – 20h30
Friday 17th May – 20h15 – 21h45


Little Yoga Space
Rua da Assunção 42, 1st Floor, Room 3