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Hi. I am Martina. I am a Tao-tantric arts facilitator with focus on womb healing, embodied intimacy, and sacred sexuality. My mission is to serve Love and I support women on a journey of stepping into wholeness and true feminine power through the path of body and eros. My teachings are inspired in Tantra, Taoism, Hatha and Womb Yoga, Eastern bodywork, and Cyclical wisdom of the menstrual cycle.

I’ve created online programs for women to initiate you into your womanhood through the portals of your womb, yoni, heart and eros. I also offer 1-1 guidance and I love to create spaces for feminine bodies to come together and remember their innate beauty, power and love.


I invite you on a feminine journey of remembrance… A journey of homecoming and expansion into love where your sex and spirit meet.


Yoni Egg Mysteries

Your guide to Taoist secrets of sexual vitality, healing and radiance

6-week online program for women starting on 21st May

Yoni egg is an amazing healing and transformative tool that supports women’s health, creativity and sexuality. Consciously working with a yoni egg allows you to relax in your sensual, wild, erotic nature and create a more intimate and loving relationship with yourself.

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Womb Initiation Journey

6-week online program for women to step into your menstrual, creative, sexual power


This 6-week online programme for women teaches you how to create more balance in your body by consciously working with your womb and menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle becomes your most trusted inner guide to unlocking your menstrual, creative and sexual powers and to awakening your womb power. It is a path to your wholeness. This is Your Initiation into womanhood that you always wished you received as a young girl.

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