Yoga & Thai Massage in Lisbon

Welcome to Yohemi,

Welcome Home. My name is Martina and I work as a yoga teacher and Thai yoga massage therapist. I offer Hatha yoga, Womb yoga and Thai yoga massage treatments in Lisbon. I also facilitate women’s circles.

My vision is to offer space and practices that make everyone feel at home, space where you can simply drop off all the layers, relax and feel in touch with your true nature.

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Upcoming workshops and courses

Yoni Egg Intro Workshop

8th February at 16h – 19h at Little yoga space

Yoni in sanskrit means the sacred temple or the gateway to the universe and is used to refer to a woman’s vagina. In tantra and taoism she is referred to as a cosmic gate where everything is born from. As the most feminine part of your body she is very receptive and sensitive, holding a lot of inner wisdom, mystery and power. In this introductory workshop you will learn the basics about yoni eggs, connect to your yoni through breath, movement and presence in order to restore the natural balance, to release any physical or emotional tensions and to expand your pleasure potential.

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Womb Yoga Workshop – Exploring your Inner Winter

22nd February at 18h – 21h at Little yoga space

In this workshop you will explore your relationship to your Menstruation, your Inner Winter and why it is important for a woman to withdraw from everyday life, to take rest, to recharge and to connect to her inner world. You will connect to a Wise Woman inside of you and tap into your blood wisdom. In ancient traditions the menstrual blood was considered sacred as it’s a life-giving source. It is time to reclaim the sacredness of our menstruation and shed any taboos and shame related to our blood.

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Yoni Yoga – Journey into Your Wild Female Power

6-week course starting on 4th March at 20h00 – 21h30 at Little Yoga Space 

Yoni Yoga is a practice for women that combines womb yoga and yoni egg practice. These practices aim to support women’s health, sexuality and creativity bringing more balance, nourishment, health and pleasure in their life.

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