6-week course about Menstrual cycle awareness and Yoga practices that support women in each phase of their cycle
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Yoni Egg Intro Workshop and 6-week Yoni Yoga Course to support women’s health, sexuality and creativity
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Sacred Space for Women to share and explore their Feminine nature and Womb wisdom on the New Moon and Full Moon
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Heal the Womb Heal the Woman

I have been teaching yoga and working with women since 2016. I trained with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, the founder of Womb Yoga. My personal exploration also brought me to teachings of Tantra and Taoism that have become a very important part on my journey to empowerment as a woman. My great passion is to support women at different stages of their life with feminine body based practices, including womb yoga, menstrual cycle awareness and yoni egg practice. I run regular women’s circles and love to create safe, sacred spaces for women where they are encouraged to connect to their body as a source of their power and wisdom.

Many women experience issues related to their menstrual cycle, pelvic health, unhealthy body image, a sense of disconnect from their sensuality and sexuality. I have been running courses for women to help them to reconnect to their menstrual cycles, addressing physical, emotional and mental changes in a female body that affect women’s well-being. I also offer yoni egg workshops and yoni yoga course that combines womb yoga and yoni egg practice with an aim to support women’s health, sexuality and creativity and bring more balance, nourishment and pleasure in their life.

When a woman is deeply connected to her body, she is the powerful force of nature. She embodies her cyclical nature and receives and shares her unique gifts. She moves gracefully and dances with her light and shadows in the cycles of life-death-rebirth. She holds Feminine Mysteries of Life in her Womb. She is the Creatrix deeply rooted in Love. She worships her Body as a Sacred Temple, her Yoni as a gateway to the Universe inside of her Womb, her Breasts as a loving expression of her Heart. She vibrates with aliveness, joy, pleasure, bliss.

This is my longing for You, dear sister to remember this, to remember the power within you and birth it into the world. I am here to support you on your Journey to your Wild Female Power.