Hatha Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. No matter how fit or flexible you are. My personal and teaching practice is mainly about bringing awareness into whatever we do. It’s about exploration of our body and mind, connecting, noticing, observing, accepting, welcoming, releasing.

I teach gentle yoga with some flowing elements with the emphasis on breath. Our breath is like a bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind and by cultivating awareness of our breath we can bring the same awareness to other areas of our life.

Practices include:

  • Variations of Sun salutation (a flowing sequence to warm up your body and connect movement to your breath)
  • A range of standing, sitting, lying down and inversion postures
  • Various breathing techniques
  • Final relaxation

We start each class with tuning in, connecting to our body and breath, continue with a gentle warm-up and then we move through a more dynamic flow and hold a few static postures, followed by a deep relaxation to integrate what we have practised.

In some classes, we also learn some pranayama techniques and work with our breath to discover benefits of using breath in a controlled way. We finish a class with a short meditation where we connect with ourselves in the present moment and acknowledge if and how the yoga practice affected our body and mind.

When and where?

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How do I book?

Just contact me here and let me know what class you want to come to.

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