21 – day Journey to Reclaim and Expand into Your Female Pleasure

starting on 21st March 2021 until 11th April via Zoom

This 21-day online journey is for all women who are ready to reclaim and redefine their relationship to their female body, their pleasure, their sensuality and sexuality. My intention for this journey is to create a safe container where each woman can meet herself fully, learn to relax into her own expression of her sexual energy, liberate whatever stands in a way to her full pleasure potential, reclaim her unique experience of pleasure and expand her ways of experiencing different forms of pleasure.

Week 1 – RELAX

Meet yourself where you are and relax into who you are. This week will be about looking at how you relate to your feminine body, your pleasure, your sexuality. We will bring more presence to our bodies and meet ourselves in a loving and respectful way.

Key practices:

~ Yoni breathing

~ Sensual massage

~ Awakening your breasts

~ Sensations as your guides to deeper pleasure

~ Pleasure as Nourishment

Week 2 – RELEASE

What is between you and your pleasure and your full orgasmic potential? This week will be about mapping our pelvic floor and releasing any physical, emotional, and mental patterns that we are holding in our beautiful yonis – our sacred temples.

Key practices:

~ Sighing practice – use your Voice to release

~ Conscious gentle entry – asking for permission to enter your yoni

~ Creating a pelvic map – we will map our yoni to find any spots that might be numb, tense, painful or pleasurable

~ De-armouring Ritual – a guided practice to let go of any tensions you are holding in your yoni (these are very often emotions or mental patterns that are manifested as tension, pain, numbness)

~ Pleasure as Medicine

Week 3 – EXPAND

Reclaim and rediscover your pleasure and expand your orgasmic potential. This week will be about a conscious cultivation and activation of our pleasure. Often, we have limited ways of experiencing our own pleasure – this will be an invitation for you to be more open-minded and let the experience of pleasure to unfold moment to moment, day by day.

Key practices:

~ Circuit of pleasure – a breathing practice to move the sexual energy from your root up through all energy centres to the top of your head

~ Pleasure Meditation – goalless pleasure

~ Pleasure as Prayer

~ Pleasure as Magic of Creation

How will this journey work?

Each week you will get:

~ 2x recorded guided practices that you can do daily

~ 2x 1h live guided sessions via zoom

~ daily emails to bring a specific focus on your pleasure journey

~ optional Q&A and sharing circles every Sunday


Regular price 111€
If you find yourself in a challenging financial situation 75€

If you like to take part in this journey and you have no financial means, please get in touch and we might find another form of exchange 😊


Starting on 21st March 2021 until 11th April 2021

Live guided practices every Sunday and Thursday at 19h30 – 21h

Week 1 – Sun 21st March and Thurs 25th March

Week 2 – Sun 28th March and Thurs 1st April

Week 3 – Sun 4th April and Thurs 8th April

Closing Circle and Reflection – Sun 11th April

There will be a recording of each class so in case you can’t make it live you can do it in your own time. I highly recommend to join live practices – that’s when the real magic happens when you can share and connect with other women about your experience. All recordings will be available to you for 3 extra weeks after we finish our journey together.


Online via Zoom in the comfort of your own house

Book here

Please fill in the registration form to claim your space on this journey.

    What other women said about their experience

    “Self-discovering journey that allows you to connect with your body and soul, to feel your power but reveals also your wounds that need to be healed and accepted. It brought me more joy, play and lightness.” ~ Tatiana

    “A very complete and integrated course into self pleasure. You learn how to activate your sexual self with no judgement or fear, just love. Take your time and enjoy the journey. Highly recommend!” ~ Sofia

    “This course opened the gateways for me to my journey of pleasure and selflove. I would recommend this to all women.” ~ Louise

    “A lot of amazing practices and exercises that help to discover your inner sensations and to release emotional blockages and barriers to the pleasure. I will definitely continue practicing after the course.” ~ Olga

    “The course was such an enlightenment in many ways (sexually, physically in general and emotionally). I feel like it opened a new, very exciting world for me and I want to explore more along those lines. Thank you so much, Martina!” ~ Astrid