The Art of Cyclical Living

Online program for women to step into your menstrual, creative and sexual power

Womb initiation journey teaches you how to live and create in harmony with your body and cyclical nature and fall in love with your feminine essence. As you journey with your menstrual cycle and connect to your womb you discover a path to your feminine superpowers. This is your initiation into womanhood that you always wished you received as a young girl.

Do you feel like you never received a real initiation into womanhood, your menstrual, creative and sexual power and this is somehow holding you back from stepping into your highest potential as a woman?

Are you a woman who:

  • Feels disconnected and ashamed of your body,  menstrual blood and sexuality
  • Perceives menstrual blood as an unwelcomed guest and a source of physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Experiences menstrual pain and cramps, irregular cycles or other menstrual issues and pelvic health imbalances
  • Feels exhausted by constant changes in your body, mind and emotions and would love to understand your body more to navigate this chaos
  • Struggles to create and manifest what you truly desire
  • Is disconnected from your feminine nature and feels stuck in a masculine way of doing, pushing and forcing

Female body, menstruation, pleasure and sexuality became an outcast of the society and a target of shame, guilt, fear, suffering and pain.

Woman has lost agency over her body and forgot how to listen and trust her inner knowing giving her power away. She was numbed out and disconnected from the wisdom and power of her womb. And it is time to change it.

When you consciously connect to your menstrual cycle you discover your most trusted inner guide and unlock your feminine superpowers. Your womb becomes a portal to reclaiming lost parts of your soul and you become grounded in your sovereign wholeness.

Changing Feminine Narrative

When you flow with your cycle rather than against it you feel supported by something greater than you. You learn to lean in and surrender to a powerful life force energy vibrating in your body and womb. They become your internal compass that you can always trust. You will feel more in charge of your body as you learn to listen and respond accordingly.

When you are in tune with your body you are able to communicate your needs and boundaries with clarity and take empowering decisions that are aligned with your female body and cycle.

You become more vibrant and radiant as you reconnect with your body, menstrual, creative and sexual cycles which has profound impacts on your physical, emotional & mental well-being, your relationships, work projects and how you show up in the world as a woman.

In Womb Initiation Journey you will:

  • Align with your inner rhythms and reclaim your feminine superpowers as you explore modern & ancient teachings about your menstrual cycle
  • Learn about 4 phases of your menstrual cycle, hormonal changes in your body and how this affects your body, mind, emotions, creativity and sexuality  
  • Heal your relationship to your body, womb, menstrual blood, sexuality as you shed limiting beliefs, ancestral feminine wounds and societal taboos
  • Activate and connect to your womb through daily embodiment practices including womb yoga, breathwork, womb meditations & visualizations, guided relaxation, sacred sexuality & tantric pleasure practices
  • Rites of passage, initiation rituals into womanhood & feminine archetypal wisdom to reclaim lost pieces of your feminine soul and step into your wholeness
  • Tips and practices to manage & deal with your menstrual cramps and pain
  • Power of your blood & blood rituals for manifesting purposes
  • Emotional alchemy to clear your womb space and transmute old emotional wounds
  • Practices & rituals for each phase of your cycle to live, create, work and relate to yourself and the outside world in harmony with your inner rhythms

This program contains pre-recorded videos & audios packed with feminine wisdom & womb embodiment practices. Live community journey also grants you access to 6x LIVE ceremonies to journey into your womb and connect with other women in real time.

By honouring your cycle, you are honouring the Earth. By honouring your blood, you are honouring your life force. By honouring your womb, you are honouring the power of creation.

Why this matters?

The womb is where all life comes from. Sadly many women are disconnected from full potential and creative power of the womb. We’ve been conditioned to think of our menstruation as an inconvenience and something to ignore or hide.

The menstrual blood is often perceived as a waste and something dirty. Many women use menstrual products full of chemicals and toxins that impact female reproductive health.

PMS are often referred as symptoms of crazy and hysteric women. Our menstrual cycles are controlled by artificial hormones out of fear of pregnancy or as a treatment for hormonal imbalances.

We live in the society that expects us all to go, go, go – no matter what. This linear way of living is working hard against our cyclical nature having catastrophic consequences for our health and well-being. No wonder there are so many women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain, pelvic health issues, infertility, emotional rollercoasters and general exhaustion.

Women’s bodies are screaming loud – and it is time to hear them.

Are ready to say yes to your womb & join womb initiation journey?

What’s included in your Womb Initiation Journey?

6x modules with pre-recorded audios and videos packed with menstrual wisdom, womb embodiment practices & rituals

6 x LIVE Ceremonies via zoom (valid for ‘Life Community journey’ only)

1-year or life-time access depending on your plan

Support via private telegram group

Your online content includes teachings about each phase of your cycle and embodiment practices for women from womb yoga, Taoist and tantric tradition including conscious movement, breathwork, meditations, visualizations, guided relaxation to help you feel more aligned with your feminine power and womb wisdom. Ideally you want to study and practice 3 – 4 times for about 20 – 30 minutes per week to get the most out of this course.

If you are joining a LIFE COMMUNITY JOURNEY you have access to live ceremonies.

Dates of our LIVE ceremonies:

Week 1 – 26th March at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

Week 2 – 2nd April at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

Week 3 – 9th April at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

Week 4 – 16th April at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

Week 5 – 23rd April at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

Week 6 – 30th April at 18.30 – 20.30 GMT

You will get my continuous support throughout your journey via a telegram group that will also serve you as a space to share your experiences with a beautiful community of women.

What other women said about this course

“The Womb Journey is a very important course in the field of personal development. It allowed me to learn and reconnect to my inner wisdom and power, learn about the physical, but also mystical aspects around womanhood and the female body and how to live more in tune with my monthly cycles. “

“My personal path of diving into female body wisdom has brought a whole new depth into my life as a woman. Working with Martina has supported me in reconnecting myself to a deep ancient knowing, wisdom and power. This enabled me to go through a process of shedding old pain and experiencing profound healing. And it also inspired me to make more space for honouring, enjoying and celebrating my body, female cycle and daily rituals. I wish this for every woman!!”

“I wish I had learned about the magic of our menstrual cycle already as a teenager. My personal key lessons are to take better care of myself and my needs and to make better use of my creative and reflective phases along my cycle. I now better understand what it means to honour my body and my blood. The course is beautifully designed – structure and content-wise, but also aesthetic-wise and provides a well-balanced mixture of self-paced learning and live ceremonies.

My womb became my great teacher

My name is Martina and I used to suffer from very painful periods – literally unable to do anything. As I started to listen to my womb, I realized I had many fears related to my womanhood. I didn’t feel safe in a woman’s body and unconsciously rejected my body, my femininity, my cycle, my blood, my sexuality and essentially who I am.

As I started to work with my cycle and listen to my womb I started to shed many layers of conditioning, fears, shame and guilt related to my female body. Some of old emotional wounds started to heal and so did my physical pain. Creating an intimate connection with my womb and cycle helped me to create a new relationship with myself. I started to love and appreciate my female body and found a new sense of safety within me and discovered creative magic of my womb.

Learn more about me here

Womb initiation journey program overview:

Module 1: Welcome to your womb wisdom

  • Reclaim cyclical wisdom and gifts of your menstrual cycle
  • Tracking your cycle and why it matters
  • Main hormones of your menstrual cycle
  • An overview of 4 phases of your menstrual cycle
  • Guided practices :  Inner seasons guided meditation, womb yoga practices, womb breathing

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 26th March

Module 2: Menstruation ~ your visionary power

Resource & nourish yourself, reclaim creative codes of your womb and menstrual blood, honor your blood as your medicine

  • Red tents, your inner oracle & visionary power
  • Breaking menstrual taboo and shame
  • Practices & rituals to honor your menstruation
  • Archetypal wisdom – hermit, wise woman, dark goddesses
  • Blood rituals for manifestation, healing & regeneration
  • How to reduce and deal with menstrual pain
  • Womb yoga & Taoist embodiment practices to resource yourself, and tune into visionary power of your womb

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 2nd April

Module 3: Follicular phase ~ your creative power

Menarche initiation, ovarian creative power, explore your unique strengths & gifts, bring forward your soul creations

  • Physical, emotional, creative, sexual & spiritual aspects of a follicular phase
  • Menarche initiation & manifestation rituals
  • Archetypal wisdom of maiden & warrioress
  • Daily practices & rituals to honor and harvest unique energy and gifts of your follicular phase
  • Womb yoga & Taoist embodiment practices to cultivate and connect with creative power of your ovaries

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 9th April

Module 4: Ovulation ~ your sexual power

Birth & mother your soulful creations, shine in your power, reclaim your shameless sexual expression, connect to unconditional loving energy of your heart

  • Physical, emotional, creative, sexual & spiritual aspects of your ovulation
  • Breaking sexual taboo & shame and reclaiming your sexual power
  • Mothering your creations
  • Archetypal wisdom of lover and mother
  • Daily practices & rituals to honor and harvest unique energy and gifts of your ovulation
  • Womb yoga, Taoist & tantric embodiment practices to connect to your heart, yoni, pleasure & sensuality

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 16th April

Module 5: Luteal phase ~ your alchemy power

Emotional alchemy, boundaries & sacred rage, mature your power, face your shadows, reclaim your inner witch & her healing potential

  • Inner emotional alchemy – emotions as your messengers
  • Redefining PMS – how to turn them into your allies
  • Archetypal wisdom of witch and healer
  • Herbal medicine
  • Daily practices & rituals to honor and harvest unique energy and gifts of your luteal phase
  • Embodiment practices for emotional alchemy, boundary work, meeting & integrating your inner parts

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 23rd April

Module 6: Living as a cyclical being in a daily life

Bringing your cyclical wisdom into the world. Integration and celebration of your womb power and wisdom.

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Tues 30th April

This program is for you, if:

  • You would like to be initiated into your womanhood and connect more intimately to your menstrual, creative and sexual power
  • You want to live and create in harmony with your cycle and feminine nature without pushing and forcing
  • You are struggling to create and manifest what you truly desire
  • You feel disconnected from your body, womb and menstrual cycle
  • You have any menstrual imbalances or pelvic health issues such as strong PMS, emotional rollercoasters, general exhaustion, feeling all over the place, painful, heavy or irregular periods etc.
  • You are on the path of self-development
  • You want to connect to your witchy powers and ancient wisdom of your blood and cycle

This program is not for you if:

  • You are unable or not ready to commit to do weekly practices – this includes learning about each phase of your cycle and embodiment practices
  • You are looking for anatomical menstrual health course and you are not interested in ancient wisdom, rituals and embodied practices
  • You want a quick fix – this is not a pill that will cover up your symptoms – you are learning to go to the root of what’s going on
  • You are not willing to go deep and face whatever comes your way on your initiation journey

Are you ready to join this empowering journey?

Flexible tiers starting at €333

This course comes in three different packages, which makes it easier to adjust it to your needs, availability of time and current financial capacity. You can get the whole content for just 333€ and learn at your own pace, or invest a little more for a guided transformative community journey.

Please share with me what is your relationship with your womb, your cycle and what is your calling, intention to join this journey.

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