I am Martina.

I am a Tao-tantric feminine facilitator and for the past six years, I have dedicated myself to women’s healing, transformation, and empowerment. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of women, drawing from lineages of Tantra, Taoism, Hatha and Womb Yoga, Eastern bodywork, and the Cyclical wisdom of the menstrual cycle. I’ve been fascinated by the mystery and unknown from a very young age. My journey led me to body-based practices and I became passionate about exploring the wisdom and power held within the body, bridging the gap between the spiritual and mundane world.


I invite you on a journey of homecoming and expansion into love where your sex and spirit meet.


My womb played an important role on my awakening journey. As a young girl who knew very little about my body and sexuality, I started to take hormonal pills in an attempt to feel “safe.” Soon after I lost a sense of self, and my libido went to zero. After I stopped the pill I began experiencing excruciating menstrual pain and irregularities in my cycle. Doctors had no answers for me and that’s where my journey of homecoming began.  I found ancient practices of cyclical menstrual wisdom and Kundalini yoga.


When I started to listen to my womb I uncovered a deep-seated fear of being a woman, which manifested as physical pain during my menstruation.  


Learning about my cycle helped me to shed old societal conditioning, fears, shame, and guilt associated with my female body which brought me not only physical healing but also emotional and spiritual growth. The journey took an even deeper turn when I experienced a heart-breaking miscarriage. This profound loss made me dive even further into my pain, suffering, and ancestral wounds. I discovered the transformative practices of womb yoga and cervix work which helped me to find my inner authority and power deeply rooted in my womb. I found a newfound sense of safety within myself, and I felt ready to step over the threshold from girlhood to womanhood.


I came to understand that by disconnecting women from their body – especially their sexual and menstrual power, they are cut from their true source of power. 


I’ve dived deeply into exploring Taoist and Tantric teachings and the power of initiations and rituals. I started to experience my sexual energy as the life force that vibrates creation into existence. I discovered sacred portals in my body and opened channels to expanded states of consciousness, love, creativity, ecstasy, and bliss.


By reclaiming the power of eros I encountered my own divinity.  


My dream is to witness the resurgence of ancient temples and sacred spaces where we can encounter our divinity through honoring and celebrating our bodies and eros as our creative life force. I am committed to breaking taboos surrounding menstrual blood, sexuality, and power, empowering individuals to embrace their own bodies and live extraordinary lives filled with love, creativity, pleasure, ecstasy, and authenticity.


I envision a world where both women and men step into authentic adulthood through initiation rituals and live in harmony with our inner and outer nature, co-creating a new paradigm on planet Earth.