Journey for women to reclaim your sacred pleasure

4-week course starting on 1st Feb

This 4-week journey is an invitation for women to reclaim your unique experience of pleasure and redefine your relationship to your female body, sensuality and sexuality with practical tools from tantra, taoism and conscious sexuality.  Meet yourself with presence and loving awareness and relax into your own expression of your sexual energy. It is a healing journey to expand your ability to allow orgasmic energy to flow freely as you liberate old stories and beliefs that stand in your way to experience your full pleasure potential and aliveness.

Week 1 – Your sacred body temple

How intimately do you know your own body? Do you know what gives you pleasure? Do you get easily bored or rely on others to give you pleasure, to press all those secret buttons without taking time to discover them yourself?

In this week you will be invited to explore your body as your temple. You will learn about different types of touch, your erogenous zones, connect to your sensations as gateways to more aliveness and pleasure and start to incorporate movement and breath to awaken your body and your capacity to feel. Discover and reclaim your body as a source of your own pleasure.

Key practices:

~ Sacred body temple ritual

~ Shakti meditation – cultivate presence with your sensations

~ Inner alchemy breath

~ Yoni gazing and yoni massage ritual

Week 2 – Your sacred yoni temple

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitalia, and it means a sacred temple, a sacred gateway to the universe. In a Tantric tradition yoni is honoured, worshipped, and celebrated as the place of immense power and wisdom. It is a gateway to the creative mysteries, to the divine. In the western culture this knowledge has been buried underneath many layers of shame, fear, guilt, unworthiness, and we’ve been led to believe that sexual energy is separate from anything sacred or holy. There has been a lot of distortion and the place of power turned into the place of shame.

This week is an invitation to dive deeper into your own yoniverse and explore her secrets, let go of armouring (physical, emotional, mental) and reclaim your yoni as a sacred pleasure temple.

Key practices:

~ Female pleasure anatomy

~ Pelvic floor mapping

~ Sighing – freeing up your throat, freeing up your yoni

~ De-armouring ritual

Week 3 – Your sacred heart temple

Female heart and breasts are an active pole in the female sexuality. She naturally wants to penetrate the world with her breasts and her loving heart. When she feels safe her heart is open, overflowing with love, joy, ecstatic life force. Whenever she feels threatened, she can easily shut down to protect herself from any harm and unwanted feelings, creating contraction and armour. While this might be a useful protective mechanism, it also creates a sense of disconnection, separation, and numbness.

In order to be able to feel more aliveness, pleasure and orgasmic energy our heart needs to feel safe. This week will be about creating a tender and loving connection with our breasts and heart and looking at how we can soften and bring a sense of deep presence and safety to activate pleasure potential of our breasts.

Key practices:

~ Breast massage

~ Sighing Heart Meditation

~ Opening your heart through 5 senses

~ Heart nourishment pleasure ritual

Week 4 – Your sacred orgasmic bliss

This week you will start to expand your orgasmic potential by activating your energy body through breath, sound, and movement. You start to activate and move your sexual energy through your energy centres with the power of your breath, spinal and pelvic movement and learn to cultivate even more presence with your sensations to enliven your body and surrender to what is in each moment.

~ Pleasure meditation

~ Pleasure breathing circuits to activate your energy body

~ Sex magic ritual

How will this journey work?

You will get:

~ 8 Live guided self-pleasure rituals via zoom

~ access to a weekly content on the online platform – including video and audio recordings

~ private group for all participants to ask questions and share their experience

~ my continuous support throughout this journey

Early bird 111€ until 22nd Jan

Regular price 166€


Starting on 1st February

Live pleasure guided rituals take place via Zoom at 19h30 – 21h

Week 1 – Thurs 3rd Feb & Sun 6th Feb

Week 2 – Thurs 10th Feb & Sun 13th Feb

Week 3 – Thurs 17th Feb & Sun 20th Feb

Week 4 – Thurs 24th Feb & Sun 27th Feb

There will be a recording of each class so in case you can’t make it live you can do it in your own time. I highly recommend to join live practices – that’s when the real magic happens when you can share and connect with other women about your experience. All recordings will be available to you for 1 month after we finish our journey together.

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