Yoni reflexology & emotional alchemy

Taoist Yoni Healing


Free Masterclass 9th May at 18:30 (London / Lisbon)

Vagina is the most receptive place in your female body. When a woman holds unprocessed emotions and memories in her pelvis her creative and sexual expression might feel limited. As a result, she’s unable to create what she truly desires and fully embrace joys and pleasures in her everyday life and her relationships.

Taoists mapped out a female body and discovered that our vaginas hold reflexology points that are connected to our organs, and they can hold trapped emotions.

They developed practices that can help to release and transmute negative emotions stored in your yoni that prevent healthy flow of your vital, creative, and sexual energy.

Massaging your vagina and activating your reflexology points with a Yoni Egg and Taoist healing sounds can effectively clear blockages and restore the healthy balance in your body and re-connect you with your creativity and erotic nature.

Consciously using a yoni egg can be an effective tool to changing patterns of the cellular memory and assisting in regaining a healthy balance in the sensual tissues, increasing your pleasure and orgasmic potential.

In this class you will learn:

  • Taoist teachings and practices for yoni healing & emotional alchemy
  • What are yoni reflexology points and what organs and emotions they correspond to
  • How can you release negative emotions and create emotional alchemy with Taoist healing sounds and yoni eggs
  • Short yoni embodiment practice

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