Jornada de Iniciação do útero

Programa online de 6 semanas para mulheres ~ começa no dia 26 de Abril

Conecta-te com o teu poder menstrual, criativo e sexual

Are you ready to connect to your Womb wisdom and Menstrual superpowers and create more balance and harmony in your body, your mind, your relationships, your work, your creative projects, and your daily life? You feel like you never had a real Initiation into Womanhood in your adolescence and somehow it’s holding you back to step into your real powers as woman. What if you knew your womb holds magical keys to unlocking your feminine powers and your path to wholeness.

This 6-week online programme for women teaches women how to live in harmony with their body, femininity and menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle will become your most trusted inner guide to unlocking your menstrual, creative and sexual powers and to awakening your womb power. It is a path to your wholeness. This is Your Initiation into Womanhood that you always wished you received as a young girl. Let the portal of your Womb guide you to become a powerful woman who creates and births herself and brings her unique gifts into the world.

This course is filled with a lot of feminine wisdom and embodied practices to dive into your womb and body wisdom.

It combines teachings from:

~ Modern and ancient teachings around your menstrual cycle

~ Embodiment practices for women from Womb Yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition including conscious movement, breathwork, meditations, energy work, relaxation

~ Initiation rituals into your Womanhood

~ Feminine archetypal wisdom related to each phase of your cycle

Each week you will receive pre-recorded audios and videos with a lot of cyclical wisdom, embodied practices supporting you in each phase of your cycle and practical advice on how to harness Powers of each Phase.

We will have a live ceremony each week where you will connect to other women and deepen embodiment of each phase of your cycle in ritual and embodied practices.

Why this matters?

The womb is where all life comes from. It can create, nourish, grow, and give birth to life. Most women don’t realize how much potential and power they hold in their womb. On the contrary we have been conditioned to think of our blood as something dirty, our menstruation as something inconvenient or something to ignore, our PMS as symptoms of crazy, hysteric women who you should stay away from. There is so much shame, taboo, pain, and suffering (physical and emotional) related to our female body and menstrual cycle.

Often, we reject our body and femininity even without realizing it. We try to control our cycle by artificial hormones and use menstrual products full of chemicals and toxins. We ignore many changes happening in our female body throughout the month. We live in the society that expects us all to just go, go, go – no matter what. Our body has been cut off from our mind. No wonder there are so many women who suffer from hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain, pelvic health issues, emotional rollercoasters especially during so called PMS and a general exhaustion.

Women’s bodies are screaming loud – and it is time to hear them.

Changing Her Story

You will empower yourself on so many levels as a woman when you learn to flow with your cycle rather than against it. You will become healthier, more in tune with your female body, your creativity and your sexuality which will have a profound effect on your relationships, work projects and your overall well-being. Your body and womb wisdom will become your internal compass that you can always trust.

When you live in harmony with your cyclical nature, you are deeply attuned with yourself – you connect with your deep inner knowing, your body wisdom and you become in charge of your own body.

By honouring your cycle, you are honouring the Earth. By honouring your Blood, you are honouring the Life force. By honouring your Womb, you are honouring the Power of creation.

What will your Learn and how does this course work?

This is an online programme for women with pre-recorded content available on the online platform and live ceremonies via Zoom. You can do most of your learning and practices in your own time from the comfort of your house.

Each week you will receive:

~ a video to learn about one phase of your cycle – this includes hormonal changes in your body and how this affects you on a physical, emotional, mental level, what are strengths and possible challenges of each phase, how you can work with each phase and harness its natural powers so you can thrive and blossom aligned with your your feminine power and womb wisdom

~ audios and videos containing embodiment practices for women from Womb Yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition including conscious movement, breathwork, meditations, energy work, relaxation

~ Live ceremony via zoom to connect with your fellow womb sisters and embody each phase of your menstrual cycle in ritual and embodied practice.

They will take place every Thursday at 18h30 – 21h

Dates of our live ceremonies:

Week 1 – 29th April at 18h30 – 21h

Week 2 – 6th May at 18h30 – 21h

Week 3 – 13th May at 18h30 – 21h

Week 4 – 20th May at 18h30 – 21h

Week 5 – 27th May at 18h30 – 21h

Week 6 – 3rd June at 18h30 – 21h

Week 1 – Welcome to your Menstrual Power

  • What is your cycle teaching you
  • Gifts of your menstrual cycle
  • Main hormones and a brief overview of 4 phases of your cycle
  • Menstrual mandala – how to keep track of your cycle
  • Basic Womb yoga practices

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 29th April

Week 2 – Menstruation Your Visionary Power

Resource yourself, connect to the ancient wisdom of your womb, become a powerful visionary, re-connect with the Dark Goddess in you, honour your blood as your medicine

  • Red Tents and Your Power of Visionary
  • Breaking menstrual taboo and shame
  • How to honor the Dark moon of your cycle
  • Archetypal Wisdom – Hermit, Wise Woman, Blood Rituals
  • How to reduce and deal with menstrual pain
  • Embodied practices from Womb yoga and Taoist tradition to help your Resource yourself, practice Surrender, tune into your Visionary power and Wisdom of your Womb

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 6th May

Week 3 Follicular Phase Your Creative Power

Connect to your ovarian power, nourish and grow your power to create, cherish yourself, stand your ground as you bring forward your unique gifts and soul’s heartful creations

  • Your Ovarian Power – Discover your Inner Fire and Power to Create
  • How to honor and work with this phase of your cycle to harness its power
  • Archetypal wisdom – Maiden & Warrioress, Manifestation Rituals
  • Embodied practices from Womb yoga and Taoist tradition to connect to Inner Fire in your Belly, to harness Your Ovarian power, to embody your Warrioress

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 13th May

Week 4 Ovulation Phase Your Sexual Power

Connect to the overflow and abundance of your heart, birth your heartful creations into the light, shining in your unique expression and power, embrace your sexual power shamelessly

  • Creative Energies – Mothering your Creations
  • Breaking Sexual Shame and Taboo
  • Discover Your Sexual Power
  • How to honor and work with this phase of your cycle to harness its power
  • Archetypal wisdom – Lover and Mother
  • Embodied practices from Womb yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition to connect to your Heart, your Pleasure and Sexual power

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 20th May

Week 5 Luteal Phase Your Alchemy Power

Mature your power, face your shadows, emotional alchemy, speak out your boundaries, reclaim your magic and inner Witch, your power to heaand transform

  • Inner emotional alchemy – Emotions as your Messenger
  • Redefining PMS – new perspectives, how to turn them into your allies
  • How to honor and work with this phase of your cycle to harness its power
  • Archetypal wisdom – Witch and Healer
  • Embodied practices from Womb yoga, Taoist and Tantric tradition to practice letting go, work with your boundaries and create emotional alchemy

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 27th May

Week 6 Living as a cyclical being in a daily life

Live Zoom Ceremony via zoom on Thursday 3rd June

This programme is for you, if:

  • You are struggling to create and manifest what you really desire
  • You would like to be initiated into your Womanhood – your menstrual, creative and sexual Power
  • You feel disconnected from your menstrual cycle and/or struggle with your menstrual cycle – this might show as strong PMS, emotional rollercoasters, general exhaustion, feeling all over the place, painful, heavy or irregular periods etc.
  • You have any menstrual or pelvic health issues
  • You feel disconnected from your female body and your femininity and you want to learn what happens in your body every month and how you can use these natural arising energies in your body as your secret powers
  • You want to live and create in harmony with your cycle and become a super Creatrix
  • You are on the path of self-development
  • You want to connect to your witchy powers and ancient wisdom of your blood and cycle

This programme is not for you if:

  • You are unable or not ready to commit to do weekly practices – this includes learning about each phase of your cycle and embodiment practices
  • You can’t make it to at least 50% of our live zoom ceremonies
  • You are looking for anatomical menstrual health course and you are not interested in ancient wisdom, rituals and embodied practices
  • You want a quick fix – this is not a pill that will cover up your symptoms – you are learning to go to the root of what’s going on
  • You are not willing to go deep and face whatever comes your way on your initiation journey

Your investment

Early Bird until 4th April 180€ or 2 installments of 2×90€

Full Price from 5th April 250€ or 2 installments of 2×125€

Registration is now open

Please share with me what is your relationship with your womb, your cycle and what is your calling, intention to join this journey.

    About me

    I like to think of myself as an explorer always curious and eager to dive into the mystery and unknown. My great passion is to explore tools and practices that help me to find home within myself by connecting to deep wisdom of the body. Yoga, therapeutic bodywork and women’s work related to the sacred feminine, womb wisdom and female sexuality have been accompanying me on my journey of self-discovery, healing, growth, and empowerment.

    I’m a certified womb yoga teacher and sacred feminine facilitator from Tao-Tantric Arts. My great passion is to empower women on their path to wholeness by guiding them to reconnect with wisdom in their womb, yoni and heart. I’ve been working with many women teaching them to live and create in harmony with their menstrual cycle and to remember infinite creative power in their womb. My work also helps women to redefine their relationship to their body, sexuality, and pleasure with tools from Tantra, Taoism (Jade egg and Qigong) and conscious sexuality practices. I love what I do and one of my greatest joys is to see women blossoming as they start to discover the magic in their bodies.