Thai Yoga Massage in pregnancy can greatly contribute to the general wellbeing of both mother and baby. As there are many changes going on in mothers while adjusting to their new body it can be a stressful and emotional period of their life. Physical changes are accompanied by emotional changes and they affect both mother and baby.

Thai yoga massage offers a great relief to some physical symptoms such as back pain, hips or neck pain, nausea, fluid retention, the ability to sleep etc. It also creates so much needed support and feeling of being nourished and taken care of which naturally calms the nervous system and brings an overall balance. In Thai Yoga Massage for pregnancy we use a lot of props such as bolsters, cushions, chair, blankets etc. to create comfortable and supportive environment for mother and her baby. As the Thai Massage is an Eastern practice and works on all levels of our being (physical, energetic, mental, emotional) it can also be a beautiful opportunity for mother to connect to her baby on distinct levels.

Useful information

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes (you can bring an extra layer and warm socks to make sure you stay nice and warm)
  • let me know how many weeks you are pregnant and if you have any condition please inform me beforehand so I can take it into consideration when planning your session

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