What is it?

The origins of Thai yoga massage come from the ancient Buddhist tradition. Unlike other massages it is done on the floor fully clothed. A giver uses their own body weight to create physical stretches (similar to those in yoga), work energy lines and acupressure points in order to release any tensions or blockages in the body. It combines static and dynamic movements and sometimes it can look like a dance between two people. For this reason it is often called the Sacred Dance. The main aim is to bring a body to an overall balance. Slow and steady rhythm calms the nervous system and brings a feeling of relaxation. I focus on a meditative quality of the massage to bring in more of my presence, attention and loving kindness.

Some of the benefits

  • relaxes body and mind
  • calms down the nervous system and relieves stress symptoms
  • helps with headaches, back and neck pain
  • releases physical tension
  • stimulates vital organs
  • improves digestion and circulation
  • cultivates better quality of sleep
  • restores an overall balance
  • and many many more

Useful information

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes (you can bring an extra layer and warm socks to make sure you stay nice and warm)
  • if you have any condition please inform me beforehand so I can take it into consideration when planning your session

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