yoni egg course

Learn how to create an intentional & transformative yoni egg practice

What is a yoni egg?

Yoni egg is an amazing healing and transformative tool that supports women’s health, creativity, and sexuality. It’s a crystal shaped into an egg and it is designed for women to use internally in their yoni. Yoni, a Sanskrit word for vagina, literally means a sacred temple, a sacred gateway. In the ancient Taoist & tantric tradition, a vagina was worshipped as a cosmic portal to the universe where all life comes from.

Yoni egg practice comes from a Taoist tradition, and it helps women to connect and awaken the full potential of yoni / vagina. In ancient China it used to be a top held secret in the society only available to royal women. They knew how powerful it was to work with sexual energy and they used these practices to cultivate their power, vitality, creativity, longevity, magnetism, and spiritual connection.

In your free yoni egg e-book you will learn:

  • The origin of the word “yoni” & yoni egg practices
  • Types and sizes of yoni eggs
  • What are benefits of working with a yoni egg
  • How to set up your space & what are 3 essential steps to start your yoni egg practice
  • Importance and benefits of breast massage
  • 3x basic yoni egg exercises

How do I get my yoni egg ready?

Check out my video “How to get started with a yoni egg” below and learn how to:

  • cleanse & string your yoni egg
  • warm up your body before your practice
  • insert your egg mindfully
  • remove & charge your yoni egg

Curious to experience guided practices?

You can get a taste of Taoist breast massage and guided yoni egg entry by signing up to my