Womb Wisdom Circle is a sacred space where women are invited to relax into who you are, to drop into your womb and heart, to connect to your feminine receptive nature and to feel nourished and supported by your inner nature as well as by other women. It is an invitation for you to learn to honour and respect your unique inner rhythms and to tap into your blood and womb wisdom, to explore your inner seasons and to discover how your cycle is connecting you to the Earth and the Moon and the Wisdom of Nature.


We meet every New Moon to share, meditate and plant new seeds of intentions in the darkness of the moon and your womb for the upcoming moon cycle. There will be space for connection and sharing, followed by a Wands of Healing light meditation. It is a Taoist Womb healing practice to help you clear any stagnant emotions, transforming feelings of loneliness, hurt, anger, sadness, grief, sexual frustration and any negativity you might be holding in your womb space. When your womb is clear of these emotions and blockages you feel more vitality and creativity, and power to create and manifest your dreams. We will finish with setting our intentions for the coming moon cycle.

All women welcome ❤ Limited to 10 women, please book your place in advance.

Upcoming dates for Online Circles

12th March at 19h – 21h


Online via Zoom