When a woman is deeply connected to her body, she is a powerful force of nature.



She embodies her cyclical nature and holds feminine mysteries of Life – Death – Rebirth in her womb. She moves gracefully and dances with her light and shadow. She is the creatrix deeply rooted in love and serves the world with her unique gifts.

She worships her body as a sacred temple, her yoni as a gateway to the universe, her breasts as a loving expression of her heart. She vibrates with aliveness, joy, pleasure, bliss.


This is my longing for You, dear sister!

… to remember the innate Power within you.

… to return to your true essence which is Love.

… to embody your Divinity in your human experience.


I am here to support you on your journey to your wild female power.

6-week program for Women to step in Your Menstrual, Creative and Sexual Power
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6-week program to explore Taoist practices that support women’s health, sexuality and creativity
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21-day Journey for Women to Reclaim and Expand into Your Female Pleasure
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