About me

DSC03050My name is Martina. I love to explore the world and the unknown. My background is in languages which I always thought to be a key to exploring diverse cultures and people with different mindsets and beliefs. I love travelling and for the last 11 years I’ve been living abroad. In 2015 Lisbon became my home.

When I discovered yoga, I realized it was a new key to the unknown and since then I’ve been exploring the whole new universe within me. Yoga helps me to connect and get to know myself on a deeper level. Through the challenges in yoga I learn to go beyond my limitations and challenge my beliefs. My practice brings me a deep understanding that yoga is not separate from life and that it can be a truly useful tool in everyday life. Yoga is not just about stretching of our bodies but mainly about stretching of our minds.

After completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Marco Peralta in 2015 I started to teach hatha yoga. Sharing this journey with others makes me explore yoga from all different angles diving deeper into my own understanding of what yoga really means. My passion to experience yoga from a more feminine point of view brought me to teachings of womb yoga. After completing a teacher training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in 2017 I want to share these teachings with other women as I feel that they are very empowering and nourishing, bringing women to a deep connection with their bodies and life within, tapping into their inner wisdom.

In 2015 I came to discover Thai Yoga Massage and I immediately fell in love with this healing body art.  After completing my Thai Yoga Massage training with Kathrin Heuser in 2016 I started to work as a practitioner. Since then I keep taking more courses to learn more techniques and deepen my knowledge of this “Sacred dance”. What never stops to amaze me is how deeply it’s possible to connect to all aspects of our being through this work by giving our full presence to whatever there is.