Reclaim your womb and menstrual blood as your superpower

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Are you a woman who:

  • Feels disconnected from your body, womb and menstrual cycle
  • Perceives menstrual blood as an unwelcomed guest and a source of physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Believes or feels pressure to function as “normal” during your bleed and there is no time and space for you to slow down and listen to your body
  • Is ashamed of your blood and feels like you need to hide it because it’s dirty / disgusting / inconvenient
  • Avoids lovemaking when bleeding because you believe it’s unsexy and you are afraid of being messy and judged or rejected by your partner
  • Recognizes unconscious fear related to your menstrual blood

What if you knew your period is your superpower and your menstrual blood is your medicine? What if you knew your blood has an immense creative & healing potential and your womb is a portal to higher states of consciousness?

What would your bleeding days look like? How would your relationship with your womb and menstrual blood shift?

Would you run around trying to get your to-do lists done and attend to other chores and duties as usual? Or would you take time to really connect to your bleeding womb and listen to the messages channeled through your blood?

Would you treat your blood as a waste on your pad or your tampon? Or would you treat it as precious red gold, a magical elixir of your womb?

Would you feel ashamed of your blood ? Would you be afraid of judgement and rejection? Or would you see yourself as a gift for anyone who is in communication with your womb and can be transported into other dimensions through your womb portal?

What will you explore in Period as your superpower masterclass?

🩸 creative potential of your menstrual blood and how you can use it to heal, alchemize and manifest the reality your heart desires

🩸 visionary power of your womb and how to connect to your inner oracle to channel messages and directions for your life and how this can serve your whole community

🩸 your womb as a gateway to higher states of consciousness and a cosmic portal between life and death

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This masterclass is part of the discovery event series for Womb initiation journey , an online program for women to step in your menstrual, creative, and sexual power starting on 26th March.

Hi, I’m Martina

I’m a certified Womb yoga teacher and Tao-tantric feminine facilitator with focus on womb healing, cyclical living, sacred sexuality and embodied intimacy. I’ve been drawing from lineages of tantra, taoism, hatha and womb yoga, eastern bodywork, and cyclical wisdom of the menstrual cycle.

I’m committed to breaking taboos surrounding menstrual blood, female body, sexual shame, pleasure, and power. My great passion is to explore teachings and embodiment practices that help women to find home within and remember themselves as love by connecting to deep wisdom in the body. I’m dedicated to women’s healing and transformation through the path of body and eros empowering women to live extraordinary lives filled with love, creativity, pleasure, and authenticity.

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