Workshop for women in Lisbon

Menstrual shame has effectively created a deep split in the human psyche and cut us from a source of life and our superpowers. This has a great impact on how we show up in the world as women and our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Are you a woman who:

  • Feels disconnected from your body, womb and menstrual cycle
  • Perceives menstrual blood as an unwelcomed guest and a source of physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Believes or feels pressure to function as “normal” during your bleed and there is no time and space for you to slow down and listen to your body
  • Is ashamed of your blood and feels like you need to hide it because it’s dirty / disgusting / inconvenient
  • Avoids lovemaking when bleeding because you believe it’s unsexy and you are afraid of being messy and judged or rejected by your partner
  • Recognizes unconscious fear related to your menstrual blood

Education is a key in breaking limiting beliefs and unhealthy cycles

As you address menstrual taboos and uncover underlying causes of menstrual shame and pain you discover your womb and menstrual blood as a portal to reclaiming your feminine superpowers.

I invite you on a journey of stripping down your conscious and unconscious beliefs related to your body and menstrual blood and connecting to your womb as your place of power and your blood as your medicine.

What can you expect in a menstrual shame & pain workshop?

  • Deep dive into menstrual taboos
  • How does menstrual shame show up in your life
  • Addressing menstrual pain and some tips to manage and deal with pain (you will also receive a FREE e-book)
  • Discovering your menstrual superpowers – blood as medicine, source of creation & manifestation, visionary oracle, and portal to higher consciousness
  • Womb embodiment practices to connect and listen to your womb

When and where?

Sunday 3rd March at 16h -19h at Little yoga space, Lisbon
Price – 35€

You can book your spot here

This workshop is part of the discovery event series for Womb initiation journey, an online program for women to step in your menstrual, creative, and sexual power starting on 26th March.

“My womb became my great teacher.”

My name is Martina and I used to suffer from very painful periods – literally unable to do anything. As I started to listen to my womb, I realized I had many fears related to my womanhood. I didn’t feel safe in a woman’s body and unconsciously rejected my body, my femininity, my cycle, my blood, my sexuality and essentially who I am.

As I started to work with my cycle and listen to my womb I started to shed many layers of conditioning, fears, shame and guilt related to my female body. Some of old emotional wounds started to heal and so did my physical pain. Creating an intimate connection with my womb and cycle helped me to create a new relationship with myself. I started to love and appreciate my female body and found a new sense of safety within me and discovered creative magic of my womb.

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Do you struggle with menstrual pain?

I invite you to get my FREE Menstrual guide with some tips on how to manage and deal with your menstrual pain.