Womb Initiation Journey ~ Bonus classes with guest teachers

Sat 15th May at 17h – 18h30 Nutrition with AnneLaure

The food you eat and your menstrual cycle have a complementary relationship and it affects how your reproductive organs function. In this talk, Annelaure will go through the most common symptoms women experience related to their periods. She will explain emotional eating, headaches, skin issues, breast tenderness, bloating and will talk about endometriosis and PCOS. She will share some useful nutrition patterns and tips which will help with any menstrual distress during the different phases of your cycle.

Annelaure is a health coach specialised in Nutrition, Macrobiotic orientated, with a background in Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. She overcame her endometriosis and managed to embrace her menstrual cycles.

Sat 29th May at 17h – 18h30 Plant medicine and herbalism with Sanne

Sanne will be introducing you to different herbs that may support  you through all of the phases of your menstrual cycle, as well as some of the different forms in which you can work with them. She will also introduce different plants intimately connected to the archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, and how herbs can connect to different phases of your life and the growth processes therein. At the end of the class, she will guide you through a journey to allow you make contact with a plant that is here to share some of its wisdom with you for this particular moment, or even to make contact to your very first personal plant ally – if you are completely new to herbalism.

Sanne’s journey with herbalism started at the foot of the Andean mountains where she was introduced to the plant world by the Colombian women that she worked with at the time. She then later started to study herbalism back in her hometown in the Netherlands with her teacher Maartje, who holds such incredible wisdom and with whom she continues to study to this day. The plant kingdom has immensely enriched her experience as a human upon this Earth, and she is honoured to share with you some of the wisdom of our great plant allies.