Journey into Your Feminine Wisdom and Cyclical Nature

starting on 24th September until 29th October 2020

This 6-week journey is an invitation for all women to reconnect to their deep feminine wisdom in their bodies and their cyclical nature. You will explore your menstrual cycle in depth and how natural arising energies of 4 phases of your cycle can support you as a woman to shine fully in your feminine nature. You will learn to lean into the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and use it as your inner compass to get to know yourself on a deep embodied level. When you embrace your cyclical nature you will live and create in alignment with your feminine rhythms. All these teachings and practices invite you to come back home to yourself, to build a loving relationship with yourself and to trust your cycle’s guidance and be supported by your cyclical nature.

What will you learn?

* How to keep track of your cycle and tap into natural powers of each phase of your cycle

* 4 phases of your cycle and how they correspond to moon phases, yearly seasons and 4 female archetypes

* Natural powers, gifts and challenges of each phase and how you can use them to be more in touch with your unique self

* Feminine Practices that support you in each phase of your cycle and bring you in a deeper connection with yourself and your cycle including Womb Yoga, Sacred Rituals, Guided Meditations, Breathing practices, Pelvic muscle work, Yoga Nidra

Who is it for?

  • Women who feel disconnected from their feminine body and femininity
  • Women who struggle to embrace certain aspects of their nature
  • If you have menstrual health issues this knowledge and practices can support you on your healing journey
  • Any women who want to feel more aligned with their inner rhythms and work and create in harmony with their cycle, not against it

What will you get?

  • 2h live zoom sessions every week (if you can’t join live, you will get a recording)
  • 1x pre-recorded guided practice every week
  • A weekly handout with characteristics of each phase of your cycle, its gifts and challenges, corresponding season, moon phase, female archetype
  • Practical tools to actively work with your cyclical nature that will serve you as your inner compass
  • A beautiful supportive community of women who are on the same journey


The course is starting on Thursday 24th September and continues every Thursday until 29th October (19h – 21h GMT) via Zoom

24th September – Opening Ritual and Intro to your Menstrual Cycle

1st October – Menstruation – Your Inner Winter – Wise Woman

8th October – Pre-ovulation – Your Inner Spring – Maiden

15th October – Ovulation – Your Inner Summer – Mother, Lover

22nd October – Pre-menstruation – Your Inner Autumn – Witch, Healer

29th October – Closing Ceremony


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What other women said about this course:

“I just finished the 6-week women yoga course with the wonderful Martina. Martina taught us ancient women wisdom about our menstrual cycle and helped us map our own menstrual cycle – this simple thing gave me a new way to connect deeply to my body and self. It helped me to see my mood changes around the month and be aware of the patterns, which I haven’t seen before. I’m 36, gave birth twice, and I can honestly say I haven’t payed too much attention to my womb and bleeding before. Being connected to my menstrual cycle and practicing the womb yoga really helps me connect to my feminine power and to my yoni – I love it! Martina teaches with a lot of compassion, curiosity and honesty and I loved the special atmosphere we had in our women circle. ” ~ Shahar

“Martina provided a soothing, welcoming and safe place for us women that participated in the womb circle.
I enjoyed the knowledge she would share with us at the beginning of each session, the guidance through the exercises, allowing us to feel our emotions in a very natural way. It was a very caring, safe experience. I was able to tap into deep emotions with lightness and care.” ~ Teresa

“A Martina é uma mulher incrível e super profissional no seu trabalho. Recomendo as suas aulas e eventos na área da saúde da mulher e tudo relacionado com o reconectar com a essência feminina. O curso de 6 semanas que fiz com ela de Women Yoga foi o primeiro passo para uma grande aventura, a da descoberta do nosso poder como mulheres. Não deixem de experimentar. ” ~ Sara