Online Yoga Classes during Lockdown

Women’s Yoga on Monday at 18.30 and Thursday at 11.00 

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at Little yoga space
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on the Rooftops of Lisbon
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Individual or Groups
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My personal and teaching practice is mainly about bringing awareness into whatever we do. It is about exploration of your body and mind. Every pose and every breath are an invitation for you to bring your presence to yourself, your physical sensations, your thoughts, your emotions, your patterns, and welcome whatever is alive in every moment.

You are invited to explore different aspects of your being, embracing each part of you. Yoga is not always about feeling relaxed. It is about cultivating your presence in order to meet yourself where you are and and then choosing mindfully what you want to release and what you want to invite in your practice and your life. Yoga offers us a lot of beautiful ancient tools to work directly with our body and mind. We do this through conscious movement (asana practice), breath control (pranayama), meditation and deep relaxation (yoga nidra). You are welcome to join me in one of my classes and experiment what suits you the best. Classes are suitable for all levels.