Experience this beautiful combination of a therapeutic full body massage with healing sounds created in the moment for you. It provides a deeply relaxing space, restoring an overall body-mind balance.


The Massage combines physical stretches (similar to those in Yoga), as well as works energy lines and acupressure points in order to release any tension or blockages in the body. Sound waves and frequencies produced by voice and instruments (e.g. the Ocean Drum, Guitarlele, Kalimba) have a calming effect on your nervous system. The Massage with Healing Sounds can effectively help you with stress symptoms, headaches, back and neck pain, digestion, circulation, quality of sleep and many others.

What happens in a session?

Anna and I will first ask you about your health history and well-being. You will then lay on a futon on the floor, fully dressed in comfortable clothes, and receive a massage while being bathed in healing sounds.

About us your therapists

My background is in Thai Yoga Massage and my interest is to work more therapeutically using all tools of this Eastern practice. For me it is a deeply meditative practice, connecting and listening to what is present in each moment and creating the best possible conditions for clients’ needs. I love this body work as it works on all levels of your being – physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Anna Grabner is essentially passionate about the healing qualities of music and voice. As a singer and psychologist she found an inspiring match in Voice Movement Therapy, a safe foundation to assist people in reconnecting with their authenticity through their voice. Moreover, offering Vocal Sound Baths as a therapeutic tool and being a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner herself she enjoys the combination of these modalities to help clients deepen their connection with their body. You can find out more about Anna’s work here:  www.yourvoicemoves.com


1h – 60 euros

Useful information

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes (you can bring an extra layer and warm socks to make sure you stay nice and warm)
  • if you have any condition please inform me beforehand so I can take it into consideration when planning your session

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